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Town of Fulton, Al. is needing our community help after all that heavy rainfall and flooding. This message coming from Thomasville Mayor Sheldon Day...


Just got off the phone with Fulton Mayor Mike Norris. It has been a tough night and morning for them but as expected Fulton is rising to the challenge......Fulton has always been the type community to help their neighbor and rally to do what the can for others.....

Well, now it is our turn to help them....They need cleaning supplies like Clorox, disinfectant cleaner, brooms, mops, etc..and they can use more volunteers to help folks clean their houses and businesses.....

They had around 20 houses flooded and almost all their downtown businesses were flooded....including the medical clinic, Grocery store, restaurant, fire stations, etc.....IF you would like to help out for a few hours or want to drop off food and supplies for volunteers drop by the Old First US Bank location in Fulton.

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