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Before settlers came to the area in the early 1800’s, what is now Grove Hill was inhabited by Choctaw Indians. The first known white settlement in the area was near Magoffin’s Store, on the north side of town. The county seat of Clarke County was located here in 1832 because the spot was more central to the rest of the county. Known as Smithville, then Macon, the name Grove Hill was selected around 1850 because of a large grove of oak trees. The town was officially incorporated and chartered in 1929.
Grove Hill Town Hall is situated in the heart of Alabama’s timberland. As the county seat of Clarke County and the crossroads of U.S. Highways 43 and 84.

The County Seat

All of the county governing offices are located in Grove Hill; most are located in the Courthouse building, which is on Court Street in the middle of the downtown area. The county is governed by a five-member commission elected from geographic districts. The chairmanship rotates among the five commissioners.


Grove Hill Clinics

GHMH owns and operates clinics in Grove Hill. Two clinics are adjacent to the hospital. Five physicians have their offices at the clinics, and they also are on staff at the city-owned hospital. Doctors in varying fields of specialty medicine see patients at the clinics and hospital.

Grove Hill Memorial Hospital

South Alabama Infirmary, now Grove Hill Memorial Hospital, was founded in 1949, by Dr. Ralph Dewey Neal, Sr. The hospital name was changed in 1961. A new hospital was constructed in 1970. GHMH continues to be licensed for 50 beds and is owned by the Town of Grove Hill.

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Grove Hill Town Hall

111 S. Church Street / Grove Hill, AL 36451 / USA

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